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Random fan gone?

Posted by Mazooe - 2 weeks ago

I'm getting tired of getting a follower but keeping the number even because some random follower leaves without explanation. I'm not against people leaving, but give a reason or at least a signal, dude...




Usually fans have a certain expectation of what you make by looking at your backlog, if you step outside of that bubble it scares them off.

All I can say that what people think of you is so polarized that not even you can live up to it sometimes.

Also if you’re making art merely to get fans you might want to rethink why you do art.

Doing it for popularity as a foundation is not sustainable and super fleeting, it will eventually leave you burnt out and feeling empty and unsatisfied.

Even worse it will make you compare yourself to others which always makes people bitter, angry, and jealous.

Uh, dude I never said I'm doing it for popularity? On the contrary, too many fans or being under the limelight for too long would drive me insane. My only complaint was about people leaving without saying anything, and if the backlog scares them they should turn off thr PC and go back to the harsh real world.

I hear you it’s easy to get clingy, but there always many other fans on this site in the making for you. Around 7,000 people log in daily. Why have a scarcity mindset?

I lost around three fans on my way up to 102 sure it stings. But all they did was click a button. If they’re not interested anymore it is what is, why would they need to write an explanation?

I moved on and forgave them.
And three more eventually replaced them anyway.

Yeah it's nothing personal I just find it ominous, maybe I'm thinking too deep about it (after all I haven't come up with anything new in months) and as GaphKid said some accounts are banned or deleted, so yeah just the cuckoo girl thinking out loud

Sometimes accounts are deleted or banned. Sometimes people follow users on a whim, without stopping to think if the person's content is something that truly interests them. I don't think it's fair to expect an explanation unless the person following you is someone you know on a personal level.

The real ones will always stay.

Yeah, I mean, even the galgos only follow the rabbit on the move and I've been as static as an ossuary so I can understand someone thinking "was I following her? Oh"

Hey, don't worry about it too much. People come and go as time passes. People will leave and it's often through no fault of your own.

I do completely understand the feeling of wanting to know why someone unfollowed you, but it is a big ask for people to always explain and justify why they unfollowed you. But don't worry, Newgrounds is a growing site and there will be plenty more followers in the future :)

Thanks mate! I often forget that I have more than fifty followers and it's hard to keep track of all they do. I guess I'm used to smaller squads?

Don't overthink it. Keep drawing and eventually you'll have ten times the amount of fans

Yeah... Honestly it's not like I'm minding it that much, it was just a fleeting thought